Men and Vulnerability.

I’ve been talking to a few friends about this subject lately and it’s been something I just can no longer sit with and to be exact these ARE men.

I hurt for my guy friends when they tell me that they don’t even feel safe enough to open up and be their truest selves in their marriages, that they want to be able to come home and take the mask off, rest their head on their wife’s shoulder and cry if they needed to or whatever it may be. Vulnerability is a part of who we are and it’s real. I don’t think I will understand why people run from it or fear it. It’s a beautiful thing!

Women say that they want their men to open up more and let their guards down…but they cant! Men let their guards down and get criticized and judged for doing so or their wives can’t handle the barfing of the vulnerability they’ve been bottling up because it is too overwhelming. We should NOT be telling men to MAN UP and/or GROW UP when they’re down or at their lowest points in life and we should not be kicking him while he is down. We should be comforting them! Men want to open up, Men want a safe place. I don’t understand why this is still such an issue. Men aren’t perfect and we shouldn’t expect them to be. They feel so much pressure to be their best selves in their marriage and that they must always maintain this image but it’s not realistic and it’s never going to be and I just wish that we could understand that.

Ladies, they need us. I need you to open your arms and accept your Man entirely.

Just a fun little space where I can dive into the depths of my mind and unravel my thoughts and put them into words.