Misconception and the Media

We need to educate ourselves on how the media operates. It bothers me when people believe EVERYTHING THEY HEAR OR SEE in the media.

Lets learn how to educate ourselves on how the media operates!!! Social Media is really bad for this. I dislike social media and media sites for these reasons. I refrain from commenting if I can help it. I delete half of the things I post because sometimes things are better left unsaid when you're coming from a place of truth versus what others think they know, yet don’t really know, and their arrogance and ego are jumping ahead of them.

We need to gain wisdom on how the media operates.

We were taught to trust ourselves and not listen to the opinions of others, right? When we have hundreds and thousands and millions of people giving out information or posting things on media sites for their own personal gain.. we’re going to be living in fear and anxiety because PERSPECTIVE! Everyone has a different personality type and we all interpret information differently. We all take in things differently and process things differently. If 5,000 people post on the media. It’s going to be altered, twisted and will be an edited version of their interpretation of it.

Understand that. Begin to trust yourself and educate yourselves before believing what you're reading or seeing.

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